G-Type webfonts


G-Type webfonts for self-hosted sites. Perpetual licence. One-off fee.


The complete G-Type library is now available to licence for web use and download directly from g-type.com in WOFF, WOFF2 & EOT font formats. We're delighted to offer our full collection of fonts to organisations, designers and developers seeking to embed dynamic webfonts into self-hosted sites using the CSS @font-face rule. 

Buying your preferred G-Type webfont is really easy. Simply select the font of your choice, click on the "Buy Font" button and select your preferred licence option in the cart window. You can licence fonts for web use only, or simultaneously add desktop and app licences too. 


G-Type online cart


Web Licence prices are determined by the average monthly pageviews your website generates. Select the appropriate licence band when adding webfonts to your shopping cart.

Listed prices are one-off prices, not annual ones. You pay once per domain for perpetual use, with subdomains and language variants included in the price. Please note that you won’t need a webfont licence if you're just placing static images (gifs, jpegs, pngs etc) containing our fonts into web pages. Read more about font licensing here.  

We look forward to seeing our high quality webfonts in use and do keep us posted as we'll feature some of the best examples on our blog from time to time.