Rollerscript Development

The website is always a good sounding board when I develop a typeface, the feedback can be invaluable. And so it proved with Rollerscript. Here are a few images posted after exchanges with interested parties perusing the critique section.

Because I've seen some nasty client modifications to the letters 'r' and 'z' in previous fonts like Olicana and Gizmo I decided to swap things around with Rollerscript and place the cursive variants as alternates, thus making the 'standard' letter the default style and providing users with a choice.


Rollerscript font alternate glyphs by Nick Cooke


Someone suggested including arrows and a few dingbats which I did, as well as a fun set of emoticons.


Rollerscript font emoticons designed by Nick Cooke


To cap things off I thought underlines would be really useful so 8 different lengths were added to provide emphasis. They work in the same way as the ink splats and crossings out do in Olicana.


Underlines in the Rollerscript font from G-Type