Remora W2 font branding Motor1


Great use of Remora Sans by car news specialists Motor1. 


Leading UK car review site Motor1 have been quick off the mark to deploy our latest release Remora in their high profile promotional videos. To stunning effect. 

Remora was only unleashed in June this year but it didn't take Motor1 long to identify the typeface as an ideal fit for their news films, industry clips and ultra professional review videos.

The company chose to licence the semi-condensed Remora Sans W2 family from our extensive Remora range and the results are rather sexy indeed, as you'll see from the promo clips and screen shots below.

Fast paced high definition filming of new, classic or concept cars, often set in exotic locations, is the perfect backdrop for the type and shows off Remora wonderfully well.



Remora Sans W2 font branding Motor1






Remora Sans W2 Rolls Royce






Remora W2 font branding Motor1







Remora Sans W2 typeface




Motor1 video ft Remora Sans W2 font




Remora Sans W2 typeface




Remora Sans font


Featured font as used by Motor1 is Remora Sans W2:


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