Remora fonts


Coming soon: Remora Sans & Remora Corp super families


Drum roll please! The most ambitious type project ever undertaken by G-Type is finally nearing completion. Remora is a stylish, ultra legible modern typeface which will come in 2 design variants, Remora Sans & Remora Corp, each boasting 5 widths and 7 weights plus true italics. A total of 140 individual fonts!

Designed by Nick Cooke, the Remora volumes share similarities concept-wise with our popular Houschka families. Remora Sans features rounded A, W & Y glyphs with curved legs on the K and R. The Corp set places the straighter variants of these glyphs up front and centre, much the same way Houschka Alt Pro does.

As you can imagine, the inclusion of 5 widths posed a few headaches when settling on the best naming convention for the Remora fonts. After much head scratching we decided to adopt an alphanumeric labelling system running from W1 for the narrowest to W5 for the extra wide.


Remora Sans typeface


Included in the glyph palette of each font are Small Caps, multiple figure sets, stylistic alternates, discretionary ligatures and extended Latin diacritics. 

The fonts are currently entering the final production stages so stay tuned for release news very soon.


Remora fonts from G-Type


Remora Corp fonts


Remora Sans & Corp fonts