Some keen observers amongst you Precious Sans II font developmentwill have noticed that our Precious Sans & Serif families, originally released in 2002, are not yet available in OpenType. (Jan 2014, now out, see fonts).

Why the delay?

Well, we didn't just want to spit out a standard OT conversion of the old PostScript data, mainly because there were improvements to be made to the original letter shapes, and in several cases complete character replacements.

The lower case ‘g’ is a good example. Many people were put off by the quirkiness of the glyph so we thought a less outlandish letterform would improve text setting and not divert the eyes quite so much. Same goes for the f which now sits on the baseline.

The preview image on the right of this page shows the original design at the bottom and the revised version above it; primary alterations are flagged in red, though nearly every character has been refined to some degree. Certain adjustments, such as extended top curves on the a & s, are very simple but will vastly improve the usability for body copy.

The new fonts, provisionally labelled Precious Sans Two, will also have Small Caps, additional figure sets, more extensive language coverage and many other OpenType features.

Stay tuned!

Precious Sans Two has been released and is now available to test drive and buy here: