Organon Sans is a refreshingly characterful sans serif with sturdy, tapered stems and distinguishable quirks, one half of the Organon set alongside close relative Organon Serif.

A detailed new PDF specimen shows Organon Sans in all its glory and is free to download from the master font page. Alternatively you can flick through the pages online at our issuu repository.

Organon Sans font specimen

Organon Sans is definitely one of the hidden gems in the G-Type library, overshadowed by more high profile text families like Chevin Pro or Houschka Pro. Take a closer look though and you’ll appreciate the carefully crafted letterforms & excellent legibility which is enhanced by the typeface’s generous spacing.

The family has six weights running from Light to UltraBlack and includes a small caps set, plus multiple figure options and OpenType features such as 3 style sets and case sensitive forms.

Test drive the fonts, download the PDF and fall in love with Organon Sans.