In Development: Saltaire

G-Type’s Nick Cooke on the development and stylistic progression of current work in progress Saltaire:

“I’m working on this new Didone style which will eventually be called Saltaire. It’s characterful, high contrast, with ink-traps as a feature, tapered stems and a ‘bumpy’ appearance.

All images were originally posted on and have since been tinkered with so what you see here may or may not end up in the final release.”


Saltaire font development


Saltaire font development


Saltaire font development


Early images showing swash display characters:

Saltaire Display sneak peek


Saltaire Display sneak peek



“Well it's been two years since I last posted Saltaire development images on this blog however I'm pleased to say I've been working on it between custom projects in 2014 and for those of you not following the thread on here are a few more recent samples to whet your appetites!”

Swash progression:

Swash progression work


There will be a Saltaire Poster Black with a matching Italic to accompany the main Saltaire weights, here’s how the Poster Italic is shaping up:

Saltaire Poster Italic development


I then thinned the stems of /d/h/k/l/p/q/, made the ball of the k bigger, and thickened the legs of the K and k. I think it looks better:

Saltaire Poster Italic refinements


Saltaire swash additions


“I've made the balls heavier on the x, k and bottom s. I might bring the tail of the z down a bit, give the ball more air and make it a bit bigger.

At the rate I'm going, constantly finding new things that need doing, we're looking at a release early in 2015. There will be six principal weights; Hairline, Light, Medium, DemiBold, Bold and Black plus italics. Not forgetting the Poster Black and Black Italic as well.

All fonts will include Small Caps and extended European language support. Stay tuned!”