Houschka vs Houschka Alt fonts

With the release this month of Houschka Rounded Alt, bringing the number of separate Houschka font families to 4, we thought it’d be useful to round up what the key differences are between each OpenType set and help you decide which option is best for you.

It really couldn't be simpler.

Think more in terms of 2 Houschka typeface variations with an Alt version of each.

Houschka Pro is a clean and legible modern sans, classically elegant and friendly. Houschka Rounded is the softer, cuter companion with more rounded terminals.

By default each font has the signature arched A & W characters on the default keyboard positions. The straight A & W glyphs are included as alternates which can be selected via the glyph palette or contextual OpenType feature activation.


Houschka vs Houschka Alt font options


The Alt versions of each set were produced for those of you who prefer to have the straight, less quirky A & W on the default slots. Perfect if you want a slightly more formal, corporate vibe with a font that reads better in a company report.

And there you have it, those are the only differences between the standard and Alt variants of Houschka Pro & Houschka Rounded. All font families have 6 weights (Thin through to ExtraBold) plus italics, and identical character sets, notwithstanding the reversed glyphs.

For more detailed information about each Houschka font family click on the following links to browse more samples, download a free PDF specimen, delve into the glyph listing or test drive the font styles:

- Houschka Pro family
- Houschka Alt Pro family

- Houschka Rounded family
- Houschka Rounded Alt family