G-Type fonts updated!

We’re continuing our quest to update some older G-Type fonts to OpenType format and take the opportunity to extend the character sets, tweak the kerning or modify a letter or two along the way.

Accent Graphic now contains Central European (CE) glyphs which means you can type in Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian etc.

Amulet now includes CE languages too; we’ve also created a brand new cap A and deleted the stylistic dot over the cap I to avoid confusion with the Turkish dot accent which is also included.


Amulet font by Nick Cooke (G-Type)


Digitalis dates from 1999 and it’s finally time to bin the old PostScript Type 1 version and replace it with the cross-platform compatible OTF; as with all of our OpenType fonts it now has an extended Latin glyph set by default.


Digitalis font designed by Nick Cooke (G-Type)


Geetype’s linguistic capabilities have also been boosted recently and our curvy little cracker is looking mightily resplendent in OpenType format.


Geetype font from G-Type foundry


Coming soon: Gizmo Pro, a major update to the original script face with extra features, ligatures and stylistic sets. Likewise, Precious Two overhauls the older PostScript data and includes several character revisions such as the lower case ‘g’ which seemed to irritate people first time around! Nubian and Sovereign will follow in due course but if you have a pressing need for one of these in OpenType (or if you need legacy PS/TT data), get in touch.