Bruvelo Logo


G-Type design logo for intelligent new coffee brewing system. 


A sophisticated new coffee brewing device is poised for launch featuring a logo designed by G-Type’s Nick Cooke.

Bruvelo is the brainchild of Dustin Sell, a US Navy veteran and software developer who walked away from a safe job at Microsoft to follow his dream of building the ultimate coffee maker.

Dustin’s goal is simple: making it as easy as possible for anyone to experience the taste of a properly brewed cup of coffee. His sleek creation is far from simple however, it’s a smart WiFi connected coffee brew system which automates the timeless tradition of fine handcrafted coffee. 


Bruvelo logo designed by G-Type's Nick Cooke


Our original thinking for the logo was something vintage and classically retro but we quickly changed tack when we saw the Bruvelo prototype and its high-tech contemporary appearance. It cried out for modern, sophisticated letterforms with contrast and an extended width to give it an extra touch of class.


Bruvelo coffee brewer


Bruvelo coffee system


If you love the minutae of making the perfect cup of coffee or fancy yourself as a bit of a barista then you'll adore the smart technology that’s built into the Bruvelo. WiFi connectivity and an accompanying mobile app enable you to store recipes, control temperature, ground to water ratios and steep times for individual beans!


Bruvelo mobile app control


Bruvelo mobile app recipes

Dustin and his design team have spared no expense in their use of materials and fully embraced the benefits of applying a stylish typographic signature to the Bruvelo. This product ticks all the boxes as far as we're concerned (good design, good type, barista quality coffee) so we would urge you to check out their Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds.

We look forward to seeing this product unleashed on the world and tasting some damn fine coffee.