Bici logo & branding


As mentioned in an earlier blog piece G-Type have designed a logo and hallmark for über cool new cycling brand Bici, based in Brazil. The name Bici is derived from the Portugese word for bicycle, ‘bicicleta’.

Bici are a fledgling company with a passion for cycling & outdoor leisure pursuits; their vision is to develop high quality, beautifully crafted garments & innovative lifestyle products for like-minded enthusiasts who share their love of two wheels and great design.

The brief was to design a logo of timeless elegance that would brand not only their garments and gear but encapsulate their entire ethos and way of life. Thankfully having worked on the Rapha branding we knew what wavelength they were on.


Bici logotype designed by G-Type


Nick's early sketches, some of which you can see below, incorporated the flow and joy of movement the client was craving; good early markers for what evolved into the final design.

Bici sketch #1

Bici sketch #2

Bici sketch #3


We were getting pretty close. The next sketch hit the nail on the head and also formed the basis for the standalone signature B that Bici wanted for their clothing range.


Bici sketch #4


Bici B hallmark


The final logo works just as nicely across print and digital media as it does on their stylish ‘pedal shirts’ and road gear.


Bici pedal shirt


Bici garments


Bici garments


Bici Instagram


Bici collateral


Bici business cards


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