Nubian, Gizmo, Precious Serif fonts


Three early G-Type fonts rebooted in OpenType & web formats.


When Nick Cooke launched the G-Type foundry back in the late nineties his first clutch of releases included the crisp modern sans face Nubian and the earthy brush script Gizmo. Now, more than 20 years down the line, these old mothballed favourites have been dusted down, spruced up and made available in OpenType and web formats for the very first time.

The Nubian and Gizmo re-releases are accompanied by another popular G-Type family only previously available in PostScript T1 format, Precious Serif. This contemporary slab serif gem is the sister typeface to our Precious Sans family, both sets designed with similar metrics and characteristics to ensure they pair together seamlessly in print & digital applications.  

Nubian has actually always had a presence here at as a mainstay in the company logo; that distinctive lower case g is a Nubian glyph.


Gizmo font from G-Type


Gizmo typeface


Nubian font by G-Type


Nubian font by G-Type


Nubian font by G-Type


Nubian font by G-Type


Precious Serif font by Nick Cooke


Precious Serif typeface


We're delighted to finally add these classic fonts to our online shop. Put them through their paces using our advanced test-drive tools before purchase. You're now able to licence and download any font for web and mobile app embedding right here in tandem with the usual OTF desktop equivalents, just add to your cart and select the required licence before checkout.


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