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About G-Type

G-Type Custom Font Studio

G-Type is a digital font foundry and experienced type design studio founded by Nick Cooke in 1999. Nick likes doodling the lower case letter ‘g’, hence the name.

G-Type excels at designing logos and custom fonts for leading brands and organisations around the world. Companies and publications as diverse as Vauxhall, Walmart and The Mail On Sunday have had well received typographic makeovers courtesy of G-Type and many more, including NBC Television & Cadburys, use G-Type commercial fonts as the cornerstone of their corporate brand styling.

Cooke’s Chevin typeface brands the Royal Mail with distinction and is highly visible at every Post Office throughout the UK.

The G-Type retail library is a wonderfully varied and versatile collection of high quality original fonts, invariably containing feature-rich ‘Pro’ character sets brimming with alternates, ligatures, multiple figure options and extensive language coverage.

Popular fonts like Houschka Pro and Olicana offer expansive glyph palettes and multiple stylistic sets, enabling your work to adopt various personas without the need to change fonts.

We trust you’ll enjoy the fabulous diversity and value for money on offer at g-type.com

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