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Licensing your fonts:
Flexible solutions from G-Type. 

Font Licensing

In a nutshell, a digital font is a piece of software. When you buy and download one of our fonts you are actually purchasing a licence to use the font software under the terms and conditions specified in the G-Type End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

It’s no different from buying any other piece of computer software from a reputable manufacturer or official distributor; the price tag for fonts may be smaller but similar rules and restrictions apply!   

In most cases our Standard Licence will suffice for single users or smaller companies installing the fonts on a specified number of devices (desktop computer, server, laptop, tablet etc) or wishing to extend an existing licence. Over and above that we offer flexible licences for larger organisations and corporate entities with more complex requirements such as editable embedding and 3rd party usage.

Other non-standard licences offered by G-Type address web and document embedding, digital publishing in apps & eBooks, server application use and embedding into hardware and software products such as games and smart phones. You may just want a simple webfont licence in order to use one of our fonts on your company website.

Whatever your licensing needs you can rest assured that G-Type offers a tailor-made solution at a very competitive price. Contact licensing@g-type.com in total confidence to discuss your requirements and arrange a quote.

Any questions? Check out our Licence FAQ for more detailed info or drop us a quick email.